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Cool Loading Weel Control
Release: 1.1 of 04-November-2015
Content: A circular progress control. Version 1.1 adds Retina support.
Format: .zip
Trixi's Tabsheets
Release: 1.2 of 27-September-2015
Content: Simple custom tabsheets, which support Retina displays. Version 1.2 adds the functionality to hide/show page panels and another height.
Format: .zip
Release: 1.0 of 28-October-2012
Content: A wrapper for using the Cocoa AppleScript plugin of Monkeybread.
Format: .zip
Head First Design Patterns
Release: 1.1 of 22-January-2008
Content: A Xojo implementation of the patters presented in Head First Design Patterns
Format: .zip
Clean Html: An Example for TidyMBS
Release: 1.0 of 22-July-2010
Content: An Example for using TidyMBS to clean html of its tags, while preserving links and some formatting.
Format: .zip

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