What's new in Mail Archiver X Version 4.1?

Evernote is now a first class citizen for Mail Archiver and you can archive directly to Evernote. You can select a template and customize the title.

Archive to Evernote

Finally the list of mails is Retina, too.

List of Mails in Retina

And the rest:

There are many smaller features and a lot of bugs fixed for version 4.1.

  • Archiving from Mail and Outlook is faster.
  • Support for MD5 authentication has been added.
  • The database can be compacted.
  • The scheduler can check for updates now.
  • When archiving Imap mail the account name is now added for the mailbox path.
  • Improved the speed of checking for duplicate mails.
  • Instead of selecting the export options and then selecting the location of the export this is now done in the Export window.
  • When doing an mbox import the import is now done into a new main folder with the name "Import-xxx".
  • The account/mail client name has been added to the app log.
  • App log entries have been improved.
  • Mails no longer are marked as read when archiving from Imap.
  • In some instances the scheduler wasn't running after a restart.
  • Fixed the "black windows" problem on newer versions of MacOS.
  • Fixed a hard crash during diagnosis that showed up now and then.

What is new in 4.1.1:

4.1.1 fixes some problems on High Sierra and for Filemaker:

  • Fixed several errors when selecting a mail client in the Setup window for High Sierra.
  • Fixed a problem where the text part of a mail was missing.
  • Fixed a problem where chinese characters where mixed with the original data.
  • Fixed a problem with searching.
  • Fixed a VException -5000 when doing a dump.
  • Added some checks when opening Setup and Evernote is not on computer
  • Fixed an error -10000 "AppleEvent handler failed" when archiving.
  • Fixed a problem with loading mail data for Filemaker.
  • Filemaker no longer asks for attachment when the attachment name has a ' or a / in the name.

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